August 23, 2020

Tech and the Oxford Agent


One of our greatest priorities at Oxford is to ensure that our agents have state-of-the-art technology so that they can close deals faster and easier for each of their clients. And our clients have noticed; Oxford is one of the top real estate firms in New York City and that’s in part because of our dedication to staying on top of technology trends.




In today’s market, we’re seeing better and better-educated clients, people who know exactly what they are looking for in an apartment, in what location and at what price. According to a Forbes article , “33% of homebuyers wish their agent had leveraged technology to better streamline the process.”




Between communicating effectively with clients and giving them the best data available to make their decision, leveraging technology also allows agents to streamline the closing process. With the technology that Oxford agents have at their fingertips, they can put together an application, upload supporting documents and put down earnest money deposits in moments. In New York City’s real estate market, access to the best technology can mean the difference between a deal being closed, or not.




And yet, despite all of the technology that is available, there are still aspects of closing a deal that takes more than internet-expertise. From preparing for co-op board interviews, including the right kind of application for a particular landlord or knowing how to approach a price negotiation, having an experienced agent is an invaluable asset in New York City. Our agents have honed their finesse which enables them to negotiate the variety of difficult situations that commonly arise in real estate transactions with ease.




The Forbes article continued, quoting New York City real estate broker Jed Lewin that, “People conducting their own searches means that buyers are better informed and therefore more realistic about what their budget will allow, and sellers are more attuned to what their properties are worth.”




Oxford’s own Adam Mahfouda agrees with that sentiment, noting that “Oxford agents thrive by helping their clients find exactly what they are looking for. When clients have a good idea of what it is they want in their next home, it lets our agents really excel in being able to offer them a variety of options.”




Mahfouda went on to say, “Even with all of the technology out there, we still also see clients who are overwhelmed with the New York City real estate market, and we understand that too -- it can be daunting! For those clients, we’re able to help them with every step of the process and helping our clients in that way is incredibly rewarding for our agents.”




Technology is today’s real estate market is indispensable. With all of the apps and information available, it can make the timeline from starting to look for a new home to signing the paperwork shorter, with the right agent. If you’re ready to start your search, we’re ready to help. We’re looking forward to helping you find your new home in New York City!