December 05, 2018

Oxford Invited to the Forbes Real Estate Council

Since Oxford’s founding, our team has always worked to provide the most accurate and up-to-date information for our clients so that they are empowered to make the best decision in their real estate transactions. From rentals to purchases, we know that having timely information can transform a deal and have sought to be not just agents, but partners with our clients as they navigate the real estate market. This outlook has led to Oxford being recognized as one of the best real estate firms in New York City and it is a distinction that we strive towards upholding every day.


Our focus at Oxford is on the experience our clients have and having top-of-the-line resources and support for our agents to have access to. The depth of knowledge that we have cultivated around different neighborhoods and their anticipated future, current and past deals, along with the business side of the real estate industry is something that we’ve worked to share with others, so that they can move further, faster, in their real estate journey.


With that philosophy in mind, it is our great honor to announce that Oxford has been invited to be a member of the Forbes Real Estate Council. Designed to be a space where industry leaders can share their experience and expertise, we are delighted that we’ll be able to share our outlook with a broader audience.


From business deals to changing neighborhood trends, Oxford agents and our leadership team have the first-hand experience on what is happening in the market, which changes on a day-to-day basis. It is the knowledge gained from these transactions that we are seeking to share with others so that they can be as informed as possible before they make their next move in real estate.


With all of the competing information available on the real estate market trends in New York City, at Oxford, we strive to balance the market trends with our own insights to provide a unique perspective that we hope will be of assistance to our clients and friends.


As we embark on this new chapter of collaboration with the Forbes Real Estate Council, we would love to hear if there are topics or trends that you are specifically interested in reading more about. We are excited to share our expertise and plan on offering ideas on negotiating a commercial or residential lease, what to consider when changing neighborhoods in New York City, or what our predictions for the real estate market will be with the changing interest rates.


The real estate market in New York City is always dynamic and always changing. It can be exhausting to try to navigate it alone, which is part of why we are looking forward to adding the Oxford voice to the Forbes Real Estate Council, so we can contribute in helping others determine their best move -- literally and figuratively.  

We look forward to sharing more information about the real estate market and industry trends in New York City through this partnership with Forbes and are excited about this next step in Oxford’s trajectory.