April 09, 2019

Marketing Tools for Oxford Agents

Our agents are our top priority at Oxford. We work to empower them with the best tools available so that they can deliver the best service to their clients. Matt Ziegler, Vice President of Business Development and Expansion at Oxford, manages and oversees the dynamic marketing infrastructure that we’ve honed over the past ten years.


Before joining Oxford, Matt developed a robust background in finance and customer service. Understanding the marketing needs of real estate agents -- and the clients they’ll be working within New York City -- has given Matt the ability to help craft marketing initiatives that ensure Oxford agents have the resources at their fingertips to generate leads and close deals with ease.


“People are independent here. It’s a real estate firm, but agents are running their own businesses out of the office. Our role is to support them by streamlining day-to-day operations while offering them the ability to develop excellent marketing collateral with the click of a button,” Matt explained.


Having recently been featured in a new video which showcases how some of the marketing tools are accessed for Oxford agents, Matt noted that there are even more resources available for agents.


“From OLR, Nestio, RealtyMX and the Acme Listing Service to the discount we’re able to offer agents on ads through various websites, we really strive to create a culture at Oxford where agents can thrive,” Matt said.


“There’s a reason that over 500 agents have already joined Oxford; agents here are given access to the tools that can help them succeed. And then they do. There’s no mandatory office attendance policy, there’s no quota on deals, there are no transaction fees and agents are free to negotiate directly with their clients on their commission,” Matt added.


And Oxford still offers training and mentorship programs like other traditional firms, giving agents the ability to build relationships and connections with each other. Agents tend to develop a network within the firm, so if bumps come up along the way, they have someone they can reach out to with questions.


“I really see Oxford as a great place to be a real estate agent in New York City,” Matt said.


“A lot of the traditional bells and whistles of a real estate firm are offered here, but with agents having the option to get 100% of their commission. Who wouldn’t want that?”


If you’re thinking that it might be time to make a switch, we’re ready to talk. Reach out today to us today so that we can start that conversation. It might just be the best one you’ve ever had.