December 31, 2015

Resolutions for Your 2016 Move

Relocating can be tough. While 2016 promises to be a good year for those looking to move, it’s important to be prepared. With these simple resolutions, you can make your next year your best year.


If you’re selling a property:


  1. Start preparing early. Remember, an early inspection can clue you in to the important and most cost-effective fixes to improve the value.

  2. Find an agent you can trust – but make sure they also have the resources and connections to maximize your selling potential.

    1. Over 90% of all real estate shopping begins online. Make sure they can maximize your online presence.

    2. Finding an agent who knows your area can help you set realistic goals and beat the competition.


If you’re planning on buying:

  1. Remember, there are different types of listings in the city and each has it’s own unique process. Will a Co-op or Condo work better for you? Visit our buyer’s guide to find out.

  2. Have a realistic idea of your financial capabilities and start gathering the proper documentation. The buying process can often require a good amount of information gathering. A good agent can help you prepare everything you’ll nee.

  3. Remember, buying a property requires a team of experts to make sure everything goes smoothly. New York City requires a real estate attorney for any property transaction. Our agents can often connect you to the right one, as well as mortgage specialists, contractors, and inspectors to make sure everything is exactly as it should be.


If you’re looking to rent:

  1. Visit our renters guide to ensure you’re ready to go.

  2. Timing is everything. Different seasons bring different challenges and opportunities. High traffic times of the year can give you more options but can also mean higher prices.

  3. Planning is key. Real estate moves fast in New York. If you are prepared well ahead of time and have a plan worked out with your agent, you’ll be able to move quickly when the right spot opens up.


No matter what your goals are for 2016, our agents can be there to guide you through the buying or renting process.

Here’s to a year full of opportunity and possibility!